Dead End Thrills!


Cavernous bends the tongues travel,

Onslaught of brinks wanting more,

Hot breaths rumbling and tickling skin,

Moans coupled with pants and sighs,

Hands on each other pleading not to stop,

Savour this yearning till every last drop,

Fostering passion via aspects submerged deep,

Taking pleasure, which we aren’t meant to keep,

Every crease tightened and constraint,

Matching each other’s pace,

Not whimpers but screams instead,

Laying unravelled in each other’s scent,

Pleased, drained in love’s serenity,

Close ended within drenched embrace,

Safe from superfluous harms,

You and I here, in each other’s arms.


A Deck of Cards!


Endearments concealed in a deck of cards,

No one knows how the scars scream afar,

Of Knights, Kings and Queens forlorn,

A tale of amity left amidst secluded in the dark.

Now every day the cards are shuffled,

Duos Assembled at the stroke of fate,

One day maybe the plot will unabridge,

When the Queen will be tucked in by her King.

Many a things we do to amend kismet,

When untouchable memories leave ludicrous,

The streets of mind so despondent and rough,

Reminisce of a love that pricks the skin.



Adrift in thoughts so deep,

I wonder if I will ever sleep,

The journey they call life,

It’s sure as hell a jarring ride.

I live each day, or try to,

Only to make an effort to outlive it through,

Of all the people who walk in and out,

My heart’s not a home but a rest house.

People who I begin to sink in,

Who hold me close and slip in,

The many scars my heart displays,

People languish but their echoes remain.

Another bond veered today,

Though it’s bound to the core anyway,

But the more I hate saying goodbyes,

The more I get to say them, and so one more tonight.





Take the love you have,

Turn it so spectacular,

Make it dazzle so vivid,

Don’t, oh baby, don’t waste it,

You know your heart’s ache,

The rhythm to which it sways,

You know your soul’s desire,

The love that it sustains,

There is that one heart,

That will hold your own,

There is that one hand,

That will own your all,

So wait it out, wait for it,

Feel it expunge the pain.


Pipe Dream!


This past year has been a ride,
A roller-coaster, sometimes not a thrilling sight,
Left some nostalgia, gained some souvenirs,
Lot to grasp and relinquish suppositions.

All of this existence and prospective it holds,
The cards that were dealt and some I chose,
A soul that left, A heart that wept,
Learning to forget, holding within an ache that looms.

Change they say is the spice of life,
I've been living a new season every night,
Pivoting towards the stars imploring,
Let the imminent year not be a conundrum but restoring.







Simple words I write,

Nothing extravagant this ordinary soul of mine,

Waiting for the day it feels,

Hoping to live the dreams it weaves,

Trapped in the reality,

Struggling in centricity,

The blues hit you hard,

Knowing they’ll go far,

The heart finds ways,

Modes to distract itself,

To hide the pain,

And heal itself.




One life, one existence they said,
Holds a thousand different souls in it,
The ones we owe ourselves too,
and those indebted to our core.

A wish to drown in the flowing light,
Planets and destinies align,
A wish to hold you deep inside,
Gravity propels and let bodies collide.

To wish upon that cluster in the sky,
Twinkling because they shy away in delight,
To breathe life into tired eyes with sight,
Make them live again, this time, without plight.




One frosty winter night, he whispered how he much he missed holding her tight,
Her luscious sensuous frame brought him calm that made his night,
He gazed at her as she draped herself in the divine light,
When she slept soft and shielded as he held her right.

While she lamented, he wishes for a chance again,
To tell her how much he loves her to take his afflictions away,
For he is tired of lying naked and alone in his bed,
Staring at the ceiling holding his heart in a lifeless grip.

The ache to kiss the words she spoke each day never drains,
To look at her and drink her glory plain,
Sneaking in glances of love and moans in vain,
Remembering the embrace that diminished the pain.

Now it seems a distant dream,
He kept praying to her as she moves and shrieks,
A tear of his that rolls from his eyes to cheeks,
All that he wished to say, now he says to her grave in peace.




Fragrance of desire overwhelms the senses,

As the days get shorter and the nights are worth living,

The need to hold you in my arms surges,

To share the same space with skin on skin kneeling.


The stars sprawl out on the sky so sombre,

They reticent with the thoughts of you and me deific,

Rituals of sex and imploring each other,

A gaze so intense that it takes an instant to devour.


Traces of our scents mixed with hints of blood,

Desires peaking like a raging flood,

Finally finding peace in these days so cold,

Hold me tight before I sink in the ground below.




You wake up to a day lost in thought,

You know what you got to do now,

How hard it is to get yourself together,

To get up and face a new dilemma.


No age is left suffering,

When you waste the Monday seemingly,

To gain strength and recover from the wrath,

The damned day bestows more like a whiplash.


Let’s fix your hair and mood,

By drowning yourself in a cup of brew,

The heart still says no,

But you know you’ve got to go.