The Perusal!

They say that reading is good for you,
It broadens your horizons and rids you of blues,
One touch and it opens the door to your mind,
Get ready baby, to enthrall your life.

Choose the books that lead to love,
How it knows that you need it now,
To simply live everyday in a new fantasy,
Where you can choose your own sweet ending.

The day comes to a weary close,
As stars shine bright and leave you engrossed,
Just when you want to read and make poetry,
With them by your side and till eternity.

You read the romance in old novels,
Where couple win a few sensuous battles,
Fights and combats with each other,
Leading to a climax in arms that render.


Image Courtsey thebloghoney





The moment your senses awaken,

The realms come toppling over,

How do you isolate singular pieces of time?

It isn’t over till you exclaim Good Night.


This heart of mine is stormy and unbound,

This mind of mine tries to subdue it and sound,

This soul of mine tries to grasp and stagger,

It all comes down to resolve amid blabber.


Run-of-the-mill day when you rouse and plan,

You glam up and tackle this heartless clan,

To step out into the sun and swelter the ache,

How arduous it is to rejuvenate without a brew partake!



The quaint thing about this life,

Is that it bestows you with vital sight,

Try to unlearn and unlove what you know,

For a cataclysmic extended jolt anew. 


How do you begin to shun love’s fantasy?

Ascertain, examine and declare the reality,

For making me discern I was one of many,

So I want to forget this catastrophe.


Easiest way to get rid of his lies,

Call out his sham love and pretend cries,

Watch his “love” disappear in a minute,

See the tides turn directions in a second.


Since he bestowed me with one on my day,

As a return favour for this devilish play,

Without a drop of whiskey to cure this pain,

Here’s a “FUCK YOU TOO” for him today! 





Steady your heart as it bleeds,

The storm has passed or so you feel,

As the time alters and breathes,

A little flurry in your heart seethes.


To catch a glimpse that turns and slays,

Like the sand you hold that slips away,

Like the butterfly wings that waver and sway,

Your heart skips and lands in hands astray.


Hold on to your heart with chains,

Like that inane child who wanders away,

You try to scold and beat it every day,

But the heart belongs where it wants to stay.




Harmony breathes in life and fantasies,
Swaying is like exquisite poetry in making,
How hands entangle, bodies mingle and we sigh,
With each step we let our worries slip by.


The highs and lows of the beat,
Amassing pace and pairing the heat,
Élan encompassing like parched passions,
Each sonata that flairs temptations.


Melody that retells a love forlorn,
Matching strides, fervours adorn,
As we live, learn, laugh before we die,
In hope that one day love will be at our side.




Trees stand colossal and heave,

The luscious fields sigh deeply,

The flowers blush and swing,

A soul trips tempestuous and free,

Vibrant colours hide and seek,

Gentle breeze murmur sweet nothings,

Birds sashay subdued to accost,

Clouds cover the expanse extreme,

The flutter of butterflies,

As they add to the scene,

In all its glory and gleam,

Spring welcomes you like a dream.



Photo Credit @DesiChumbak


Apart from home and love is missing,
You seek each day and night for healing,
Anxious and waiting for your day to arrive,
To hold the love in your arms and cry.

How do you not see the beauty?
Living in this concrete city,
When you need to reflect on life,
A rainbow arrives and brightens up your sky.

Concealed amid the green terrain,
Flourishing against the morbid sky,
Indebted to the buoyant canopy,
Till we weep tears of ecstasy.




Caged my heart feels when I hymn,

At the dawn when the sun’s swims,

Beholding the stars that spring to life,

I sing to you, I sing for the sky,

I string each chord unruffled,

From the high to the low notes incessant,

But my heart bleeds when I see others glide,

What brings profound notes are abysmal sighs,

To spread my wings and soar high,

Singing for all who will watch my flight,

They love to hear my voice so sweet,

Little do they know, I crave the freedom to fly free.